Titans unveil 2015 Season jerseys at Super Bowl party

The Manchester Titans Super Bowl Party at the Bierkeller was a huge success with over 400 people in attendance.

At half-time Titans General Manager Jonathan Homer unveiled the new Titans gameshirts to cheers of approval from the crowd. The club’s previous shirts were also on display showing the evolution of the club through the years. 2003-2005 Red Shirts, 2006-2008 White Shirts, 2009-2011 Blue Shirts, 2012-2014 Gold Shirts. Adult Contact Team Manager James Dean said:

“We’ve worked really closely with Karl Dillon at RSD Sports to come up with the best gameshirt we can, both in terms of look and performance. We’re really happy with the quality and the style of the shirt and all of the Titans teams will be wearing them in 2015.”