Titans U11s start their 2021 campaign

Game 1 Wigan Bandits 30 – 12 Manchester Titans

3 year veteran, Max Lee was joined by Evan Bennett in captaining the Manchester Titans U11s Flag Team in the first outing of the 2021 season, a game that was a great return to football for all.

Titans won the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ coin toss and elected to take the ball.  The first throw of the game, to QB Evans right side was picked off by Wigans ♯38, and taken back to the Titans 7 yard line.  An incomplete pass, two bat downs from Evan and a goal line tackle from Daniel Wilkinson and the Titans regained possession.

Unfortunately, Manchester’s first play was again picked off by Wigans ♯38, this time it was run back for the first points of the game. The Bandits where unsuccessful on there point after.

Manchester’s first completion of the day, a 20 yard missile down the centre of the field, caught by Max Lee. A second catch from Max Lee and the Titans gained a first down. First year player Max Hunt also eager to show off his talents, caught a 15 yarder taking the ball close to Wigans endzone. A quick slant pattern and a great fingertip from Max Lee and Manchester’s put there first points on the board. Finley Anderson was unsuccessful on the extra point attempt.

With only a few minutes left in the game the Bandits where on the attack again. Quick reflex tackles from Ammaar Kazeem-Ajayi and Brandon Stolarczyk couldn’t stop Bandits increasing the lead with ♯38 scoring her second points of the day.

The second half started in Manchester’s favor with an interception form Max Lee that was returned the full length of the field. A short pass from Evan to Daniel gave Manchester there second points of the game.  Another unsuccessful point after and the ball is back in Wigans hands.

A quick change on defence and Daniels man marking of ♯38 shut Wigan out for the rest of the game.

Game 2 Manchester Titans 20 – 14 Wigan Bandits

The second game of the day started as the first one ended, with Titans in full control on both sides of the ball. A short catch and run by Max Lee, quickly followed by a long ball from Evan to Daniel and the Titans where ahead 6 – 0.

The Big Blue defence stood firm, with tackles from Max Hunt, Ammaar and Brandon stopping Wigan in there tracks.

With Wigans aerial threat shut down, Manchester where able to get the ball back in QB Evan’s hands.  A 20 yard pin point throw straight in to the hands of Finley and the Titans are in scoring range again.  2 short passes and Titans increase the lead by 12.

Brandon and Max Hunt, stand firm in the centre of the blue Defence making it a no go area for Wigan. With very little options left to Wigan, the Titans score again with another Evan pass into the corner of the endzone caught again by Mr Safehands himself, Daniel.

Bandits get the last score of the day with another pick six from ♯38.