Ian Evans-Treasurer, Welfare Officer and Covid-19 officer

JoinedApril 10, 2021


Oversees collection and distribution of all club funds. Keeps accurate and up-to-date accounts. Deposits club’s funds regularly into club bank accounts and keeps records. Ensures all necessary payments are made and keeps records accordingly. Checks bank statements for any discrepancies. Gives regular reports to the committee on the club’s financial status. Updates the club via Manchester Titans online accounts (i.e. social media, forum, etc.) Ensures proper auditing of year-end accounts.

Welfare Officer:

Designated person for welfare issues within the club. Ensures the club promotes and fulfils its responsibilities for welfare of all members. Ensures that welfare issues are understood and addressed by all club members. Ensures that child protection issues are understood and addressed by all club members dealing with young people. Responsible for writing and updating the club’s welfare policy and club child protection policy and informing members of updates. Point of contact for all concerns or queries regarding welfare and child protection issues. First responder to allegations regarding welfare or child protection issues. Responsible for gaining and maintaining the relevant qualifications for the post.