Manchester Titans vs. Leeds Chargers: A Tough Battle on Home Turf

This past weekend, the Manchester Titans faced off against the Leeds Chargers in a highly anticipated home game. It was the first 9s game for the Titans, and although they put up a valiant effort, the Chargers came out on top with a final score of 52-97. Leeds is looking like a formidable team this season, and we wish them all the best moving forward.

Game Highlights
Despite the challenging result, the Titans showcased determination and resilience throughout the match. Our team worked hard and gave it their all on the field. Here are some of the standout moments and players from the game:

Special Teams MVP: Tika Marcucci #16
Tika Marcucci’s performance on special teams was nothing short of exceptional. Her speed, agility, and strategic play were instrumental in gaining crucial yardage and setting up key plays for the Titans.

Offense MVP: Sian Perry #10
Sian Perry led the offensive charge with remarkable skill and poise. Her ability to navigate the field and execute plays under pressure was a highlight of the game, earning her the title of Offensive MVP.

Defense MVP: Lucy Bonner (Rookie) #23
In her first game, rookie Lucy Bonner made a significant impact on defense. Her tenacity and sharp instincts helped the Titans hold their ground against a strong Leeds offense. Lucy’s standout performance earned her the well-deserved title of Defensive MVP.

Looking Ahead
While the result was not what we hoped for, the Manchester Titans are taking valuable lessons from this game. We’re proud of our team’s effort and are committed to improving as we move forward in the season. The experience gained from playing a strong team like Leeds will undoubtedly help us grow and become more competitive in future matches.

We extend our congratulations to the Leeds Chargers for their impressive performance and look forward to meeting them again later in the season.

Thank you to all our fans who came out to support us. Your unwavering support is greatly appreciated, and we’re excited to continue this journey together.

Stay tuned for updates and more exciting games ahead. Go Titans!

All photos by @biddleofnowhere on Instagram