Manchester Titans acquire nutrition sponsorship from Boditronics

Moving into the off-season workouts the Titans are very pleased to announce the acquisition of a sports nutrition sponsor Boditronics LTD.

Boditronics have been brought onboard to aid our teams in an often overlooked area of training; nutrition. What an athlete puts in their body determines how well they will develop post training.  With the experience and knowledge provided by the Boditronics team, as well as the extensive range of products made available to the Titans, our athletes will receive the added edge to get ahead during the off season.

Boditronics LTD is a UK based sports supplement company who provide a wide range of products to help you meet your required fitness goals.  Boditronics products are amongst some of the most advanced in the market and also represent
exceptional value for money.

The Titans would like to thank Boditronics for their support through out the 2012 season and hope the edge provided by their supplements will equate to success on the field.  The Titans look forward to building a long lasting partnership with the entire Boditronics team.

For more information about Boditronics LTD or to purchase any of their products
please visit –

Article by James Dean