Coach Chapman returns with a buzz

Ahead of the 2019 season, the Titans are delighted to announce that coach Phill Chapman is returning to the club to be Head Coach of our new Bee team. Coach Chapman has been involved with the Titans since inception in 2003 as a player, coach, volunteers and committed supporter. Since the early days of the Titans when he coached the DBs, including the now club Chairman Jonathan Homer, he has been DC and OC before his stint as HC of the Adult Team.

Coach Chapman brought great success to the Titans U19 program in a 3 years stint that saw the the U19 team’s first Divisional Title (he won 2), first play-off trips including back to back semi-finals and an unbeaten season in 2016, laying the foundations for the Britbowl run the team had in 2018.

Taking a sabbatical in 2018, Phill could be spotted at all Titans games, from the Adult teams premiership games to the U12 flag finals in Sheffield, he has barely missed an event.

Club chairmen Jonathan Homer said: “We are delighted that Phill has agreed to come back to us, he is someone who is well known and respected within the club and someone who we know we can rely on heavily as we launch the new team. He will be familiar with the play base as many will be recently graduated U19 players and is committed to our goal of developing both players and new coaches in the Bee team”.

Phill will be getting to work on January 6th at our rookie camps and is now accepting applications for coaches who want to make the step to coordinator