Club Statement: Cancelled Home Game Sunday 7th May

The Titans’ Adult Contact team were supposed to play their first home game of 2017 on Sunday 7th May; unfortunately the game was cancelled at short notice due to the unavailability of the opposing team, the West Coast Trojans.  Titans GM Jonathan Homer has released the following statement.

“We were informed by the West Coast Trojans at 09:30 on the day of the game that they would not be travelling to fulfill the fixture leaving us only 4 and a half hours notice to cancel the game.  I would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere apologies to everyone who had put in time, effort and money to organise and attend the game.

No one is more disappointed than our staff and players and we empathise with everyone who was affected.

Everyone at the National Speedway Stadium, whom with have worked with since the beginning of the year to host our games, Graham and the Belle Vue team, the stadium and matchday staff who put a lot of work in and turned up the day.

To everyone who had paid to come to out game and those who traveled to the stadium on the day expecting to see American Football we apologise.  The Titans will refund all tickets that had been bought in advance, please contact me via  We are especially thankful to the  people who stayed and stood pitch-side  to watch us scrimmage on the day, while it was not the atmosphere of an actual game we hope you enjoyed the Football that was on show.

Given the circumstance we would like to invite everyone to our next home game, on Sunday 21st May against Doncaster free of charge.  While the Stadium won’t be open you can still watch from the sideline.  Doncaster have played three games already in 2017 and we are certain that the fixture will go ahead.  We want to grow our sport in Manchester and across the country and hope that you all come and enjoy the spectacle of a proper gameday.”

The Titans were awarded a 1-0 walkover victory and remain top of the BAFANL Division 1 North division following their victory away at Doncaster in April.  The team are back in action next Sunday away at Newcastle before the home game against Doncaster.