U12: Tournament Report

The Titans Cadet Flag Team travelled north for the second time this season, this time to Chorley, home of the Buccaneers.

Tournament captains:
Offence – Tom Freear
Defence – Ilyas Book

Manchester Titans 26 – 6 Burnley Tornadoes

The last time these two teams met resulted in a draw… it was time to go one better.

The Titans defence took to the field, with Defensive Coordinator Ellie Partington coaching her first tournament. Ninja-quick reflex tackles from Darrion Banton-Wright and Jake Homer resulted in 3rd and long for Burnley. Unfortunately for them Ilyas Book was not going home with a draw and two batted down passes gave the Titans the ball.

A handoff to Oliver Graham took the Titans close to the half way line. Although QB Archie Brown only needed a couple of yards for another first down a massive 15 yard throw found Ilyas in the end zone, giving Manchester a 6 – 0 lead. It was a quick four and out for Chorley and Archie has the ball again. Another great throw, this time caught by Tom Freear for the touchdown. A successful point after from Daniel Hetherington and the score stands at 13 – 0 Titans.

After a return score from the Tornadoes the half ends at 13 – 6. Titan’s first drive of the second half goes nowhere and the ball turns over.

Fortunately for Manchester, Defensive captain Ilyas takes matters (and the ball) into his own hands with a first down interception, returning the ball deep into Burnley territory. Oliver Graham becomes the fourth Titan to get his name on the score sheet with a 5 yard touchdown. Tom catches the point after and the lead extends to 20 – 6.

Not wanting to be outdone, Archie grabs Titans second interception of the game, returning the ball to mid field. Another pinpoint pass into the corner of the end zone, straight into the hands of Daniel increases the score to 26 – 6 just before the final whistle.

Manchester Titans 6 – 32 Chorley Redbeard’s

The Titans faced the tournament favourite, Redbeard’s in there second game of the day and it wasn’t long before a run down the sideline gave Chorley a 0 – 6 lead. Quick feet and sure hands from the reds held the Titans on the 10 yard line before possession was given back.

Chorley’s second drive was much the same, with long passes down the sideline and another score taking the score to 0 – 14. The Titans showed there true colours, always giving 100%. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be our game and with 15 seconds left on the clock the score stood at 0 – 32.

Not wanting to accept a shutout, QB Archie calls a huddle…….

……and with the final play of the game, a 20 yard Hail Mary into the end zone…… is caught by Tom for his second TD of the day.

Manchester Titans 26 – 0 Chorley Blackbeard’s

The Big Blue start the final game on offence and it isn’t long before star QB Archie connects with Daniel on 2nd down to take the score to a 6 – 0 lead. With the defence standing firm, tackles from Finley Kemp, Darrion and Jake quickly give Manchester control of the ball.

On first down, Ilyas zig-zags his way the full length of the pitch to Chorley’s 3 yard line. 2nd down brings the inevitable pin point pass to Tom for his fourth end zone catch of the day.

A successful point after catch from Finley takes the score to 13 – 0 to the blues.

With Chorley unable to find a way through the Titans defence, its Toms turn to lead the offence. 1st down brings an incomplete pass, same on 2nd down…but third time lucky….and a huge 20 yard pass to Oliver increases the lead to 19 – 0.

A promise of doughnuts for a shutout score seems to spur the defence on, with more tackles from Darrion and Ilyas. The last two plays of the game add 7 more points to the scoreboard, with a TD catch from Oliver and another point after catch from Finley.

Tournament MVP’s
Offence – Archie Brown
Defence – Finley Kemp