Titans womens notch their first win at 9s

Manchester Titans Women’s Team Triumphs Over Peterborough Royals 49-26

In an impressive display of skill and determination, the Manchester Titans Women’s team secured a commanding 49-26 victory over the Peterborough Royals in their latest match. This triumph marks a significant milestone in their debut season at 9s.

Game Highlights and MVPs

The Titans showcased their prowess on both ends of the field, with standout performances:

Special Teams MVP: Lucy Bonner (Kicker, #24)

Lucy’s precision and reliability were crucial in the Titans’ scoring efforts.

Offensive MVP: Sarah Ul-Haq (Quarterback, #98)

Sarah orchestrated the offense masterfully, leading to multiple scoring drives.

Defensive MVP: Katie Sykes (Defensive Back, #15)

Katie’s first game on defence showed us all why she should have been playing on that side of the ball in the first place! With several interceptions, heavy hits and pick 6!

Turning the Tide
The game started with a challenging first half for the Titans, but their resilience and teamwork shone through as they rallied in the second half. Club chairman commented on the team’s resolve:

“Last week’s win for the Titans women’s contact team at Peterborough was great for many reasons: It was the first win at the 9vs9 format for the Titans in their first season at this format. The team showed resolve and came together after a difficult 1st half of the game.”

This victory was not just a testament to their skill but also to their unity and perseverance.

Upcoming Grudge Match

The Titans are now gearing up for their final game of the season against the Teesside Steelers on August 3rd at Belle Vue Arena. This match holds particular significance as the Steelers defeated the Titans in the final last year. The Titans are determined to even the score and end their season on a high note!

Building Momentum for the Future
With this recent victory, the Titans have an opportunity to finish the season with a 50% win record. The club chairman highlighted the importance of this achievement:

“It means that in early August, the Titans Women’s, when they host the Steelers at Belle Vue, they can finish the season with a 50% win record which will be a great platform for 2025 and continued development of the women’s team.”

After losing their first two games, the Titans’ recent success has reinvigorated the team and set a strong foundation for future growth. The upcoming match against Teesside Steelers promises to be a thrilling and pivotal moment in the Titans’ journey.

Join us at Belle Vue Arena on August 3rd to support the Manchester Titans Women’s team as they seek redemption and aim to close the season on a victorious note.

Tickets here – //www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/manchester-titans-vs-teesside-steelers-tickets-914584024437