Titans Official Club Statement

As reported today by Touchdown Europe //www.touchdown-europe.net/2014/06/scam-scammer-contacting-players-to-sign.html someone claiming to be Titans Head Coach Nigel Dias is attempting to lure players from Europe with offers of payment and accommodation.

General Manager Jon Homer responded with the following statement:

The Manchester Titans would like to take this opportunity to state that no member of the club is, or has been in the past, involved with any of the practices highlighted by Touchdown Europe. We would also like to thank Touchdown Europe for bringing this into the public eye so that hopefully nobody else in the Football community falls victim to these scams.

It is unfortunate that our name, and that of our Head Coach Nigel Dias has been used in an unsavoury manner. With the growing profile of the sport, the publicly available information about the club and Coach Dias’ history in European American Football this is a risk that we and all clubs face.

The Titans strongly urge anyone else contacted in such a manner in the future to contact the club through official channels to immediately verify the validity of any claims made with the Manchester Titans, or Coach Dias’ name.

Jonathan Homer
General Manager
Manchester Titans American Football Club

The Club would like to point out that we are an amateur sports team – none of our players receive any kind of payments, in fact all of the players have to pay subscriptions to be eligible to play for the club.