Titans Juniors start raising funds towards new kit 20/08/2011

Thanks to Asda, Marketside in Bury, the Manchester Titans Junior Team have begun their quest of raising £2000 pounds for their new jerseys.

Titans Juniors are currently playing in a mixture of the old 5 man youth kit and a hand me down from the Titans seniors which unfortunately doesn’t quite match and does not reflect the professionalism that the Titans hold or the hard work and dedication of the players. Now we have completed our second competitive season and have a core of dedicated players we have turned our attentions away from the from the football and onto the streets of Bury in order to begin raising funds towards the Juniors new blue and gold jerseys. A target team manager Verity Brawn hopes to achieve for the up coming 2011 season.

On Saturday 20th August the Titans descended upon Asda, Marketside, in Bury town center in force. The Junior’s were promoting them selves and the Manchester Titans American Football Club wearing the helmets, shoulder pads and full uniform to help raise awareness and draw in a crowd. The players interacted with the customers inside the store as well as any passers by in the surrounding area. On the inside of the store the checkouts were loaded with Titans players again in full kit assisting the Asda customers with the packing of their bags in return for a small and often very generous donation.

On the exterior of the store Titans players and coaches were running some American football demonstrations allowing people to see what our team did when they were not packing bags, allowing people to take part in simple drills and allowing them to try on a helmet and shoulder pads. As you can imagine the clash of shoulder pads drew quite a crowd helping raise awareness of the Titans and American football as a whole in North Manchester.

The whole event was extremely successful with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and managing to raise £507.45 towards the Juniors teams new jerseys.

As a club we could not be happier with this result raising over a quarter of the amount needed in our first event. We would like to offer our greatest of thanks to Asda, Marketside of Bury, and Elizabeth Seymour for liaising with the club and making this possible and for the public of Bury who were very generous and welcoming.