Titans announce Chiropractic Partner

It is extremely rewarding to see athletes return from injury to the sport they have so much passion for.”

American Football is one of the most physically demanding sports out there! It is most likely that throughout one’s career a player will sustain an injury that if not treated correctly and rehabilitated properly may cause future problems. In some extreme cases it might mean the end to their football career. This is why at Manchester Titans, we have sought out the best in the business, of injury prevention and rehabilitation in Manchester to provide a wealth of expertise and advice to our players.

The Manchester Titans are proud to announce a new partnership with Pete Swarbrick director of Swinton Chiropractic, who has extensive experience treating athletes from a broad spectrum of disciplines, and is looking forward to working with the Titans.

As the director of Swinton Chiropractic and Active Life Sports Chiropractic I am very proud to be working with the Manchester Titans.

My special interest is in sports injuries especially contact sports. It is extremely rewarding to see athletes return from injury to the sport they have so much passion for.

Having treated professional athletes in many disciplines I have a good level of experience. I am looking forward to treating American Football players to expand this further.

I treat sports injuries by examining the function of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints at the site of injury and make sure the nervous supply to the area is not compromised.  I then treat the affected areas restoring the function allowing the body to heal in the shortest amount of time.

 I also screen an athlete’s global movement pattern and function as well as the areas of injury. If a weakness or imbalance is present, I correct the dysfunction.  This maximises athletic performance and reduces the possibility of future injury.

In the treatment of injuries I use:

  • Specific Chiropractic spinal and peripheral joint adjustments
  • Applied Kinesiology and Kinesio Taping
  • Trigenics Myoneural Therapy
  • Instrument Assisted Sports Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM)
  • Neuro Lymphatic muscle activation and balancing techniques
  • Rehabilitation strengthening and muscle energy stretching techniques

I look forward to working with you at Manchester Titans and I wish you all the best of luck for the new season.

Pete Swarbrick will be providing a discounted treatment for the Titans Players as well as private clinics for initial consultations at our training sessions. We look forward to building a strong and prosperous relationship with Swinton Chiropractic, in the current and foreseeable seasons.

For more information on what Swinton Chiropractic can offer, visit their website: