New partner – Spire Hospital

The Manchester Titans are pleased to announce our newest and most prestigious addition to our Sports Rehabilitation partnerships in the form of Spire Manchester Hospital.

Player health and safety is always the clubs number one priority and as an organisation, the Titans are always striving to improve the options available to our athletes.

“Spire Manchester Hospital situated just 2 miles outside of the city centre opened in 1981 and offers a comprehensive range of services and facilities including specialist treatment for complex orthopaedic and spinal surgery. Spire Manchester is one of the few private hospitals in the North West to have a dedicated obesity management team and is accredited as a centre of excellence for weight loss and metabolic surgery. For patients undergoing complex surgical procedures there is a high dependency unit, managed by specialist nurses.

Spire Manchester Hospital is continually investing in the hospital’s facilities and we have recently renovated our reception, radiology and physiotherapy departments along with patient bedrooms and operating theatres. We have recently installed a brand new MRI scanner, the first of its kind to be opened in a private hospital in the area.”

Spire Manchester Hospital is a fantastic addition to the clubs partnership scheme and allows the club to offer our athletes additional options when diagnosing and recovering from injuries. American Football is a high speed collision sport and due to the violent nature of the game injuries do occur. The Titans organisation are constantly striving the best possible options for our athletes who are returning from injury. Spire Manchester Hospital will be providing the Titans with reduced rates on all digital imaging and diagnosis as well as additional access to their state of the art sports rehab equipment.

The Spire Hospital Manchester allows our players to be referred via their doctor’s or physiotherapist for digital imaging such as X-Rays or MRI scans to help speed up the diagnosis of the more serious injuries that may occasionally occur in American Football.

“We are a centre for Perform, Spire Healthcare’s sports and performance division, which focuses on the individual’s activity whether it is for elite or amateur sport, in the workplace or for general wellbeing.

As the first Perform site outside England’s football training base at St George’s Park, we offer a high level of expertise and equipment for the treatment of sports injuries. We use innovative technologies when treating our patients such as the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill and shockwave therapy. This has led to professional athletes from football, rugby and cycling amongst other sports, being regular visitors to Spire Manchester Hospital to access treatment from our team of experts.”

With the addition of Spire Manchester our players will also have access to state of the art sports rehab equipment such as Alter G anti-gravity treadmill and Iso Kinetic strength testing. Players can be referred for use of these facilities via the club physiotherapist during their injury rehabilitation to help speed up player’s recovery back to health.

We spoke to Adult Contact Team Manager and club committee member James Dean regarding the addition of Spire Manchester to the clubs partnership scheme;

“Spire Manchester Hospital is a fantastic addition to the Titans partnership scheme. While we appreciate our athletes will hope never to need the facilities available at Spire Manchester Hospital, should the day arise that one of our athletes find themselves in a situation where they may require an MRI scan, the club already has something in place for them. A lot of our players are also parents with young children, are self-employed or have very manual jobs. Getting back to full fitness will be a priority to them and with the addition of Spire Manchester Hospital their recovery can be speeded up dramatically.”