Manchester Titans Flag Team Season Preview

Last year the Manchester Titans mixed flag team appeared in a ball of enthusiasm and completed the season with a record of four wins and six losses. This included two losses to the eventual Flag League runners up, Sheffield Predators, and one loss against our closest rivals, the newly re-named Manchester Crows.

As we build up for the Manchester Titans second season in this iteration of the game there has certainly been a more measured approach. We now have appointed Danny Caballero as the head coach and offensive co-ordinator, along with myself as the defensive co-ordinator. We have seen more new players enter the club to join the flag team, while getting to welcome some familiar faces at the same time. It has been great to see our family grow. In fact, anyone aged 16 and over can still join the flag team – just email for more information.

With the divisions set for 2015 and much the same for the Titans, they have the addition of the Beeston Bears on top of the teams from last year (Sheffield Predators, Mansfield Honey Badgers and Manchester Crows.) The Manchester Titans mixed flag team are not only looking to compete this year but have aspirations to become a playoff team in order to emulate the very successful first season of the ladies team who finished 6th overall in the Opal Series.

We look forward to the first tournament of the season at home on the 2nd May 2015.

Richard McEwen, Defensive Co-ordinator.