Manchester Titans first Manchester team since the Spartans in 1990 to reach the National Championship game in adult contact.

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With their 32-27 victory over the Bristol Aztecs on the 21st August. The Titans are the first team from Manchester since the Manchester Spartans in 1990 to make it to the National Championship game in the adult contact leagues.

They will be playing against the London Warriors on the 3rd September in New River Stadium in Tottenham.

Kickoff will be at 5pm, following on from the U19s championship game played by London Blitz and Titans Northern rivals, Tamworth Phoenix.

The Titans are no strangers to playing the Warriors, having played them the last two ventures into the playoffs, both in the semi final stages @ Grenwich. With both previous games coming out in favour of London, the Titans are wanting to flip the script, showing that they’re deserving of the title of both the #1 team in the country, coupled with their current status as the #1 club in the country.

The game will be streamed by Onside Productions  ( ).