2017 Final Thoughts: Combined Views

“I think this season can be summed up in that belief plus hard work equals results.” – Coach Murdoch.

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“My final thoughts on the season can be perfect described in a song this city holds close to it heart ‘don’t look back in anger’. Cliché I know, however we shouldn’t look back at the final in anger we lost or with frustration or be bitter about such a sad end to such a great year. We’ve done ourselves proud, each and every one of us. We’ve had some difficult times not just as a team but as a club, a family and as a city. Together as a family we rose from the ashes of the terrible actions of the arena and dusted ourselves off and went out, hearts on our sleeves and absolutely smashed our season club wide. So don’t look back in anger, at least not today.” – Jordan Townsend

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“The season was heartbreaking, no other way to put it really. How we lost it, we are such a better team than that, and we didn’t deserve it. I try and take solace in the idea we all played our hardest, and there was nothing more we could’ve done, but still, I can’t help but feel like a failure. My heart genuinely aches for those who played their final season, Uday and Duck in particular. You couldn’t find better people, let alone players, and if anyone deserves to hold that trophy up it’s them. I can’t help but feel that this was our best shot, our best roster, and we blew it. I know one thing right now, and that is the fact i’m gonna work so much harder than before, not only out of necessity, but out of guilt, and debt to those that I couldn’t deliver to this year. I guarantee a Britbowl championship for the U19 titans before I have to hang up the cleats, it’s what they deserve.”  – an U19 player


“After the close miss of this past season the under 19’s will lose a large amount of players to senior or university squads and in some instances early retirement.  As a coach I have to say I have been honoured to have been involved in such a fantastic group of young men. After our last game a couple of players apologised for ‘letting me down’..This really hit me hard as every single one of our team have 100% on every single down of every single quarter of every single game.

“ I have had the great honour of coaching some of the toughest young men I have met. Not only are they physically tough but mentally they have given their all, and as a coach we cannot ask any more of our players. It truly has been an honour to be a part of. I also had the privilege of being involved in coaching the ladies flag and contact teams, and what can I say other than wow, awesome, massive respect to all the ladies. All of them are true ballers and should be proud of the trust and commitment they have shown myself and all the coaches.

“Towards the end of the season I started coaching the cadets team, this group of boys and girls gave me way more than I could ever hope to offer them. Always eager to learn and work hard, never questioning my methods. Every single one of them is a talented player that if they continue with their great work ethic will have very successful football futures.” –Coach Andrew Astridge

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“The Titans for me is more like an extended family. It’s a team full of big guys with big personalities and even bigger hearts. My experience over the years has been full of excitement and experiences of euphoric successes and crushing blows. Blow out wins against teams that couldn’t handle us, and hard fought contest against fierce rivals.

“This season has been particularly special for me personally as I suffered a shoulder injury in 2015, which I feared might end my playing days as a Titan. It required surgery and a lot of rehabilitation to bring it back to strength. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to even sit on the bench let alone play a part of such a fantastic team.

“The coaches and players this year have been second to none. I have to mention Luke Carlton and his playbook and dedication to taking this team all the way to the division championship. I am simply overjoyed to be part of this group of blue blooded gits and can’t wait to roll with them next year in the premiership north.” -Thor


“It’s been a great season and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of lads to have called brothers.” -Lewis Parker


“My game preparation starts at the very start of the week. I start on Monday, in the gym. I hit the gym hard, and I make sure I have 5 really productive weight training sessions during the week (Monday-Friday). I also have 2 cardio sessions. This helps with what stresses my body gets put through on a Sunday.

On Saturday, I make sure I relax as much as possible. Then onto Sunday.

On Sunday, I make sure I have a big breakfast, to fuel me, and drink plenty of fluids. On the way to the game, I listen to music, but always make sure I listen to the Tony Walsh poem, as we did in the final. This helps get my mind right, for the game. Then onto the game!

“I want to give a shout out, to everyone who is on the sideline. Helpers, supporters, players. As soon as anyone of us takes to the field, there is overwhelming support. Whether it be a cheer, a high 5, a pat on the back, or even giving someone who’s played hard a seat. Everyone does their bit, and everyone deserves a shout out. “ -Charles Dixon